Thursday, April 11, 2013

James Stevenson, Ronald Searle, and Myself

Lately, I've been looking at James Stevenson's artwork. I think the drawings that appeal to me most are his simple line drawings. There are many New Yorker cartoons from years past that are overkill to me. Yes, it's recognizably him and fabulous, but for my children's artwork, I find his simple line drawings more appealing.

Simplicity to me is very difficult. To make something off the cuff takes time and practice. Once in the while, I hit the mark while many other times, I'm off. An artist likes Patrick McDonnell always hits the mark with simplicity I believe. Quentin Blake is another artist that gets to the essence of the drawing (essence is a good word). So is James Stevenson's children's artwork.

So James Stevenson, myself, and Ronald (because Ronald Searle is crazy great and he draws awesome cats).

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