Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Artie and Merlo

I continue coming back to Artie and Merlo a lot. For the day that I actually start this story as a graphic novel, I continue doing watercolors for situations that Artie and Merlo would find themselves.

Even since I began doing Artie and Merlo about 5 years ago (5 years!), some themes and situations I always find amusing and hilarious continually pop up:

1. Artie getting beat up or chased
2. Magic never working to his or Merlo's advantage
3. Wish fulfillment going wrong is always funny.

I write for them to see what I want to say, what I like, etc. The above examples illustrates a couple things that I like bouncing around in my head. Like if Wile E. Coyote were a knight and never got to defeat Artie or having a robot that shoots steam chasing Artie and Merlo around.

Lastly, a blast from the past.

Little Helpers
Magic Tricks
Yard Work
New Car Smell