Thursday, September 19, 2013

So. . .

So I've been dormant this past month with my blog posts (But LOOK! THERE ARE NEW ILLUSTRATIONS on my main website!)

So I've kept myself busy on picture book manuscripts and comics. So here's some random stuff that I've made for fun. So the first one is a recurring theme in my head about a giant being stuck in a NYC apartment. So that feels like me. So I also love the shapes that I made with gouache. So I think it's a great contrast with the fluid line drawing. 

So I also did this awesome Khal Drogo for a friend. So he was pretty awesome. So he looks like this is his head shot for an audition for another show. So that show would be called Dothraki Dynasty and it'd be on History Channel because the History Channel is all testosterone and no history. So the khal would probably be a good fit.

So that's it. My apologies for saying "so" so many times. It was probably annoying. So what!