Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Coloring in Photoshop

As much as I've been averse to coloring on the computer, I cannot deny some pluses with coloring on the computer.

Above are two renditions of the same drawing using photoshop. The one awesome thing about photoshop is changing the color of the ink drawing itself. For example, that RAWR! was inked in black ink. Once it goes into photoshop though, I could change it to a different color to push it back in the composition. It's a very neat thing I like with photoshop (example of that in the Patrick McDonnell example)(countless artists do this).

As I've mentioned before, I hate photoshop colors. The colors that are preset in photoshop are so cold and computer-y. But after some online research and tinkering, I made the colors that closest represent what you would see painted or on a printed page. I think these pictures are much warmer than what I've made with color on the computer before.

And details! And changing color! And editing! It's all possible on the computer.

But the downsides? I'm still much faster laying down paints on the image than on the computer. Even WITH a tablet. Second, I still love the luminosity of watercolors which is very hard to reproduce (at least with my work).

Overall though, the ability to use the computer to enhance my illustrative work is key for me to grow.