Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting the right look

There is a cartoon contest coming up this weekend. Specifically the one The Cartoonist Studio is doing. Which is exciting. As I have been preparing the cartoons, I've been tackling many many obstacles. One is the idea for the comic strip. Second is the artwork. I feel like I am at a crossroads in my artwork right now with comics.

In the Sunday comics that I've done recently, I've been forced to draw much smaller due to the constraints of the paper. In other ways though, I think that I've been looking to draw more comfortably, or smaller. In previous Buttoned Up comics, A Glass of Merlo comics that I have drawn, I usually drew it at 16.25" X 5". Which is a nice space for drawings. In hindsight, I think this caused me to overwork my drawings.

The main aim in these latest drawings is to find the correct line weight, the fluidity and spontaneity of the drawing, and to be honest, make it look good as possible. I haven't had that feeling yet of knowing that I made a good drawing in the beginning. The one with "Again?!" I think caught what I am going for best!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Sketch

I know last week that I was going to elaborate on line weights and choosing the right one, but that one will have to wait. It's been kinda going bananas over here. So not only do I make amazing puns, but I am also a liar. I'll work on that!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A sketch and a finished watercolor

First is the awesome wizard that I suppose looks like Gandalf. He would never brag about the size of his wizard's staff though. He's above that petty stuff. Saruman probably would brag about his wizard's staff. Once in a while, and I think every artist can say this too, I enjoy drawing differently. I felt like doing some brush work again inspired by classic superhero comics or adventures comics. It's a ton of fun to draw. I think too that I am getting better at defining my blacks! The only fault that I find fault with it is the feathering because the paper did bleed a lot. Grrrr.

Below that is a watercolor from Stay! I love this scene because of the spontaneity of the drawing and the loose watercolor. One thing that I am always working on is to refrain from being too tight. I can elaborate on that next week, but generally, my lines are too tight and the ink work can look dead or stiff. The sketch and final drawing for this particular scene seemed to fall right into place when I laid my pen down onto paper.