Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Political Cartoon for the Day

I like how it came out.

Boys Love Too!

There's a recurring theme in my work for a misbehaving brat that thwarts authority and parenting. This little kid I think is the opposite of me for he has "joie de vivre." He is spontaneity, the id to my ego. It is perhaps in the rattlings of my mind I do find a voice that wants to continuously life to the fullest and/or rebel against constraints. For one reason or another, I identify myself not to be this little kid, but the opposite. Stolid, calm, subdued. I think somewhere in the middle of this dichotomy falls who I really am.

I wrote a new story focusing more on the kind of love that boys know best using this boy as a vehicle. How I picture it, all the writing and the colors of the picture book would be quite dainty, elegant, girly, and VERY PINK. I figured it's time to make a pink book that boys will read. That's my aim at least.