Monday, February 23, 2015

Wolfie the Bunny

I have been looking forward to seeing friend Ame Dyckman's new picture book for quite some time, Wolfie the Bunny! I have yet to get a copy, but the story follows a bunny family that receives a new addition to the family. The daughter, Dot, is the only one who sees what evil lurks behind having a wolf for a brother.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast was able to get a sneak peek at all the artwork including dummies, sketches, and final spreads. I included only a couple final spreads beneath. The particular things that sing out to me with OHora's work is his balance of shapes and black line. I love how he does buildings. I love the design choices in the bed scene. Who knows what our shadows do when we're not looking?


Playing with texture.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Fun Time

My thoughts about liquid masking fluid for watercolor. It can save a lot of headache getting the background right. Rather than painting around foreground objects, you can just do a simple wash. BOOM. Done.

Oh yes, there are side effects. The texture of the paper gets messed up, the actual ink drawing gets lifted and if you miss an area, then you'll have random splotches. Then it messes up your brushes. Oy. Lots of things can go wrong, but that is what practice is for. 

Also, watching the Super Bowl, and this was the highlight of the game.