Monday, April 29, 2013

Artie and Merlo

The past two months, I've been drawing Artie and Merlo in some comics again. I haven't shown any online yet because I'm not confident enough to present any stories (one thing I need to work on!).

Additionally, I've been toying inking my comics first on bristol board, then printing the blacks onto a piece of watercolor paper. Printing onto watercolor paper does two good things. One is being able to fix any mistakes in the ink work before it goes to watercolor. Second is to make the blacks as uniform as possible, therefore easier to photoshop. The downside to scanning my inks first is that the drawing goes through two rounds of scanning, and therefore detail can be lost. My printer does a good job of not missing much detail when printing onto the watercolor paper, but the printed piece can look slightly off. Maybe it's be the entire drawing is in pure black than in the dark gray that normally happens to the ink.

Anyhows, enjoy!

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