Monday, May 26, 2014

Speech Bubbles

These are a good sampling of my work the past few weeks or so. I'd like to point out the speech bubbles in particular in the one illustration above. With a bit of hand lettering and photoshop magic, the bubbles themselves pop out which I like.

One of the great things of Photoshop is to be able to create these little tricks for illustration. Below is a Peter Brown illustration whom I continually look to for his great use of Photoshop.

The great thing about his work is that the use of Photoshop is seamless. It looks all hand painted, which is partly true (All the shapes and textures are scanned in, and then they're arranged and colored on Photoshop), but it doesn't look like photoshop which I love (the colors too aren't that cold computer look!). If I was to venture into more Photoshop, this is what I'd work towards.

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