Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Buttoned Up!

This is a watercolor sketch that I've been meaning to upload. Very simple, but I like the warmth of it. It's Buttons being taken for a walk on a leash with Jenny. It's funny that when I started doing that in my comic strip, my sister and her fiancee tell me that their cat, Buddy, loves to go on walks too and is on a leash! I remember Misty (the family cat growing up) HATED leashes, collars, that sort of thing. It's definitely a dog thing.

Plus a couple videos that I did to promote the Cartoonist Studio contest. They're really quick videos, and if I spent a bit more time about layout, lighting of the video shots, they'd be really spiffy. Nonetheless, they were a lot of fun to make on the spot. Also, a better look into a sense of humor (if that's what it's called!).

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