Thursday, February 10, 2011

Character Studies

I didn't realize until I was about to post this that I redrew Jenny the exact same way I did my pen and ink study. I like it though. Anyhow.....

As I have been developing my comic strip, "Buttoned Up," I have been pushing myself to know my characters. I know who Buttons is, I know who Bev, and I believe their personalities communicate well through my comics. Jenny has been more of a difficult challenge to me though. There's a definite idea I want this character to be. A sweet, caring girl in her teenage years. Beyond that, I didn't know what drives her thinking. What her likes are and what not.

So I made this character study recently which was a lot of fun. Getting to know Jenny better is definitely helping me write my comics. The drawing I did in the top character study is so perfect. That's the idea of her I want.

Plus, I think it's important for me to make her not popular but stick out and be casted as weird or different. Not a goth or punk different, but she doesn't fit into any group specifically. It just seems that she would not be understood by many people. I hope that made sense.

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