Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Sketch / more inspiration

I meant for the Steig image to be smaller. Oops. I have been looking at his watercolors and artwork. It's simple, but deceiving. The lines are well placed, the colors are spot on, and it's effortless.

I feel that I am in constant battle between spontaneity and control. I do feel myself being really tight in the drawing at times. Other times, it's effortless. I've always wondered, "how do you get that spontaneous drawing?" I feel when I work on a single drawing over and over, I tighten up. At the same time, I want it to be loose. How does someone like Quentin Blake do that? He does a drawing over and over sometimes, but he doesn't tighten up.

This is probably why I like my sketches more. I redrew this scene from a pb I am working on. I like my new approach. I don't know if it's exactly right yet though.

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