Monday, November 22, 2010

More Inspirations

Looking at more inspirations now. I got myself a lightbox for my illustrations to preserve my sketches and not destroy my watercolor paper with pencils and erasing (hence the second giant bus sketch). Also, tracing on top of the sketches have definitely helped loosen my drawings and inking a great deal which is great! I do not feel so confined to the pencils.

In addition, I've been looking at more inspirations. Including looking at Jules Feiffer, I've looked to great artist William Steig for his great work. I've also looked at the great Matisse and Picasso. Those guys knew how to draw. It's interesting how the modern artists' drawings and ideas melted into the urbane cartoons of the New Yorker in the 30's & 40's to influence William Steig and Al Hirschfeld.

I've included a Picasso lithograph that I had in a book. I don't know why, but I love the simple line work, the fluidity. It's great stuff. I hope to continue in this direction.

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