Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Richard Thompson
Edward Sorel
Jules Feiffer
Steve Brodner
Ralph Steadman

These five artists are bouncing around in my head right now as I try to open my drawing up. Trying to make it more loose. Free. Dancing with life.

The real kicker is I do not know what to say half the time about anything, or if I did know what to say, it'd be as a comic. I realize that I'm very introspective. Concentrating on internal feelings, abstract thoughts, and not noticing anything around me. Like a Platonist. Because of this, I usually wonder what the heck I should draw and how to make it personal and feel that connection to the work. I'm trying to bridge the gap between my comic work and illustration work.

These guys all seem to do it very well. It's on the fringe of what I'd consider conventional comics. They're very unique. Jules Feiffer in particular is definitely interesting. His line is so loose and free being inspired by William Steig. It seems that he's always had more interesting stuff to say in words than in his drawings. His drawings however breathe a joy and a life that cannot be said. Which is great and wonderful.

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