Thursday, December 17, 2015

Revisiting Dinosaurs (And my blog)

I put these illustrations up for anyone who is interested in seeing embarrassing work. You see, the idea for a dinosaur wanting to fly started over 3 years ago now. I left it alone for three years and only until this year I began revisiting this idea.

While a lot of visual ideas from three years ago has been chucked and reworked, this idea of a bunch of dinosaurs laughing at the little protagonist stuck. I even made a new illustration of this encounter. For fun, I thought it'd be fun to compare it to what I did three years ago. Let me say, seeing this illustration again MAKES ME CRINGE!!!!!!! Uggggh, what was I drawing?! The horrible line work, the splotchy background. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!!!!! I'm just happy that at the time I didn't get discouraged and stop. I kept working.

So let this be inspiration to any illustrator, writer, creative out there, if you keep working, you WILL get better and better!

3 years ago.
1 month ago.
(Note: the further back I go in this blog, the scarier the artwork gets. EEEEEEK!)

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