Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learn to Fly

This is a new sketch or fully done watercolor that I have made for a new picture book idea. I don't know what necessarily prompted my idea, but a yearning to fly has sparked my imagination a bit. As a kid, I always dreamed of seeing a flying car and am still waiting for a flying car to be the standard (yes there are a couple flying car prototypes out there, but nothing actually practical). So this sketch is only the beginning.

In addition, from my trip from the SCBWI Conference in LA this year, one piece of advice that I took away was exploring mood, subtlety in my work. I admit that inner feelings have driven me to use a more subdued tone which is exciting me for some reason. So I paired down my color pallette from 8-10 colors down to 3. The results have been exciting seeing how these new limits have opened up an environment for me and being real selective about which tone, value, and hue. Hope it looks good.

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