Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photoshop Art

I tried digitally coloring my art work again. I still don't like coloring on the computer. There is something that I've been coming to terms with myself, and that's being drawn to hand made things. I like the feel of a book, the smell of oils, the honesty of expressionism, the acoustic sound of a guitar, and the personal process of learning these crafts. Putting a computer in between me and my coloring makes the process completely abstract for me. I lose that personal touch to it.

I remember reading about illustrator and SVA educator Marshal Arisman's first experience of painting on the computer. He is an illustrator who's work is very dark, expressive, and reminds me of Francis Bacon a lot. When he went from painting in oils to painting on the computer for the first time, he said the process almost brought tears to his eyes. Missing the physicality of the oils. I suppose this is how I feel about my work. I do not know why I work and think like this. Many other cartoonists and illustrators love the computer's capabilities of putting an image together which I do admire. It just ain't for me.

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